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Cool Bred Canine Reproduction This company is run by a ***.He has a terrible attitude like he's better than everyone and he will tell you that.

For such a big head you would think he could back it up. Lost our records and kept the money. We had our dogs semen saved with this company and after giving our credit card ( which was charged right away) we did not here from them again. We ended up calling to be told that our dogs sample was not stored there.

I asked why we were charged almost $400 then, the response was "I will have to get back with you". Well 2 more months and no response. We called again and were told the paperwork was misplaced, but the semen is there and very safe. Very safe I thought?

All thru this we were dealt with as if we were the problem, we were bothering him. Never work with this *** again, and to anyone else stay away! Oh by the way we gave up and lost all the money and had our dog saved with another company which has been great.

International Canine Semen Bank has been fantastic and is there anytime we need them.Kudos to them!

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Did a search on businesses in both Washington and Oregon. Cool Bred Canine is no longer a registered business in either state. I would be very cautious about storing any semen with this company.


Had our stud collected 4 -5 Times over two years and paid each time and when we called in to order shipment we were told all 18 straws were bad. What an unprofessional organization. What a loss.


I was considering using them as they are at our local show right now.However I decided to do some research on them today before I used them.

I was not really happy with the way he represented himself. When I commented that I had only heard of ICSB, (which is true) he immediately started badmouthing them. This did not set well with me. I am a business owner and have always felt that if you have to badmouth your competition then you must be afraid of them.

The other thing that rubbed me the wrong way was his attitude.The sun was in my eyes so I was looking down a little as I was talking and he told me to to look at him while I was talking to him.


Initially, I had no problems with CoolBred Canine.Unfortunately, for the past two years, I have paid my annual fee, only to have them send a second bill which is a copy of the first bill.

After speaking to Sharon last year and this year, I thought the matter was settled.

Nope, I received another bill today.If this problem continues, I will store semen with another company.


I just talked with Sherian from CBC and they are NOT out of business.Chuck has some health issues and that is why you haven't seen him out.

Sherian will be out atthe Mission Circuit and Rio Hondo.My semen is just fine.


Does anyone have Sherian's number from CBC?


I just came across the website

& it says they are building a new one. So, for all of you worrywarts, relax, CoolBred

is obviously still around. I called to check & everything seems to be in place. Chuck has been hurt & is undergoing surgery

but he is not out of business & I've seen

the gal in California, she is still at the



CBC website seems to be gone. Has anyone heard of a bankruptcy filed? Any ideas about getting my dog's semen back?


Why is it that everyone has so much time on there hands to talk badly about someone or start a rumor.Chuck is NOT GOING OUT of BUSINESS and is NOT OUT OF LUCK....

Chuck has NOT been at shows since he fell at the last show he was at. He has had to have back surgery and is trying to recover from surgery. So NO WORRIES Chuck Murray at Cool Bred Canine is NOT GOING OUT OUF BUSINESS anytime soon. He is just not able to be at the shows at this time.

Everyone's Canine frozen semen is just fine and it will not be thawed anytime soon. So please all you that have nothing better to do than write vicious lies and start horrible rumors GROW UP.. If you like ICSB, CLONE, Popkins, or whom ever you like than that is who you should be with. Oh and one last thing Cool Bred Ccanine has been working any day of the weekor wweekends from day one.

Oh and one more important bit of imformation you may want to make sure before you choice a Cryo/Semen Bank you make sure you read the fine print. Some Cryo/Semen banks will not ship or allow you to send your Canine Frozen Semen to other places for storage or Veterianrians you choose to use for insemination. I have not read that is contracts from Cool Bred Canine but you may wants to ask the company you are thinking of using that question.

I do know some are NOT shipping the semen you own and have paid for to where you want your frozen semen without alot of hassle and bad mouthing.I am not speaking of Cool Bred Canine...

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Well, I have been trying to contact Chuck fir over years and I need to get the semen back in three days for breedings and not a single peep, if he lost the semen own up to it.

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