Cool Bred Canine - No Communication & Unprofessional Attitude

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Coolbredcanine is not a company to store you studs potential.They are hard to communicate with and do not have any professionalism.

We felt tricked by these people with their promises and lies. Steer Clear of them. After paying our money and waited for some follow up communication we started to investigate and found that they are not viewed as a good company and have many problems. Many of the problems sound far worse than ours.

We feel fortunate that we did not get duped for more than we had already spent.Please be careful here, find a reputable company, your dogs future depends on it!

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Carpinteria, California, United States #1191556

I'm trying to contact them here, 6 years later and they are as BAD or worse... WTH?


I was considering using them as they are at our local show right now.However I decided to do some research on them today before I used them.

I was not really happy with the way he represented himself. When I commented that I had only heard of ICSB, (which is true) he immediately started badmouthing them. This did not set well with me. I am a business owner and have always felt that if you have to badmouth your competition then you must be afraid of them.

The other thing that rubbed me the wrong way was his attitude.The sun was in my eyes so I was looking down a little as I was talking and he told me to to look at him while I was talking to him.

Cool Bred Canine - Would not get back to us, and lost our stud dogs potential

Sandy, Oregon 26 comments
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Cool Bred Canine Reproduction This company is run by a ***.He has a terrible attitude like he's better than everyone and he will tell you that.

For such a big head you would think he could back it up. Lost our records and kept the money. We had our dogs semen saved with this company and after giving our credit card ( which was charged right away) we did not here from them again. We ended up calling to be told that our dogs sample was not stored there.

I asked why we were charged almost $400 then, the response was "I will have to get back with you". Well 2 more months and no response. We called again and were told the paperwork was misplaced, but the semen is there and very safe. Very safe I thought?

All thru this we were dealt with as if we were the problem, we were bothering him. Never work with this *** again, and to anyone else stay away! Oh by the way we gave up and lost all the money and had our dog saved with another company which has been great.

International Canine Semen Bank has been fantastic and is there anytime we need them.Kudos to them!

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Did a search on businesses in both Washington and Oregon. Cool Bred Canine is no longer a registered business in either state. I would be very cautious about storing any semen with this company.


Had our stud collected 4 -5 Times over two years and paid each time and when we called in to order shipment we were told all 18 straws were bad. What an unprofessional organization. What a loss.


I was considering using them as they are at our local show right now.However I decided to do some research on them today before I used them.

I was not really happy with the way he represented himself. When I commented that I had only heard of ICSB, (which is true) he immediately started badmouthing them. This did not set well with me. I am a business owner and have always felt that if you have to badmouth your competition then you must be afraid of them.

The other thing that rubbed me the wrong way was his attitude.The sun was in my eyes so I was looking down a little as I was talking and he told me to to look at him while I was talking to him.


Initially, I had no problems with CoolBred Canine.Unfortunately, for the past two years, I have paid my annual fee, only to have them send a second bill which is a copy of the first bill.

After speaking to Sharon last year and this year, I thought the matter was settled.

Nope, I received another bill today.If this problem continues, I will store semen with another company.


I just talked with Sherian from CBC and they are NOT out of business.Chuck has some health issues and that is why you haven't seen him out.

Sherian will be out atthe Mission Circuit and Rio Hondo.My semen is just fine.


Does anyone have Sherian's number from CBC?


I just came across the website

& it says they are building a new one. So, for all of you worrywarts, relax, CoolBred

is obviously still around. I called to check & everything seems to be in place. Chuck has been hurt & is undergoing surgery

but he is not out of business & I've seen

the gal in California, she is still at the



CBC website seems to be gone. Has anyone heard of a bankruptcy filed? Any ideas about getting my dog's semen back?


Why is it that everyone has so much time on there hands to talk badly about someone or start a rumor.Chuck is NOT GOING OUT of BUSINESS and is NOT OUT OF LUCK....

Chuck has NOT been at shows since he fell at the last show he was at. He has had to have back surgery and is trying to recover from surgery. So NO WORRIES Chuck Murray at Cool Bred Canine is NOT GOING OUT OUF BUSINESS anytime soon. He is just not able to be at the shows at this time.

Everyone's Canine frozen semen is just fine and it will not be thawed anytime soon. So please all you that have nothing better to do than write vicious lies and start horrible rumors GROW UP.. If you like ICSB, CLONE, Popkins, or whom ever you like than that is who you should be with. Oh and one last thing Cool Bred Ccanine has been working any day of the weekor wweekends from day one.

Oh and one more important bit of imformation you may want to make sure before you choice a Cryo/Semen Bank you make sure you read the fine print. Some Cryo/Semen banks will not ship or allow you to send your Canine Frozen Semen to other places for storage or Veterianrians you choose to use for insemination. I have not read that is contracts from Cool Bred Canine but you may wants to ask the company you are thinking of using that question.

I do know some are NOT shipping the semen you own and have paid for to where you want your frozen semen without alot of hassle and bad mouthing.I am not speaking of Cool Bred Canine either I have been with them since day one...

to Not out of luck #866747

Well, I have been trying to contact Chuck fir over years and I need to get the semen back in three days for breedings and not a single peep, if he lost the semen own up to it.


We have not seen chuck murray at any shows lately and heard he is going out of business.Is this true?

We have semen stored with him and have spoken with him about the rumor we have heard from multiple people. Unfortunately we don't believe a word Chuck says. Everything out of his mouth seems to be a manipulation to further his money making ability and reputation. We don't have the money to move our semen out of his facility, but are extremely worried that if he did go out of business he would just toss everything and disappear from the map.

We were skeptical to store with his company in the first place and now feel we were correct in this thinking. The last time we spoke with Chuck all he could talk about was the other semen banks and how much better he was than them. I don't care who's better as long as they keep my semen safe and are there when we need them. We here that ICSB has gone to a 7 day work week just to accommodate their clients.

This is a move that makes us think perhaps we should spend the money to move our precious boy there.

It sounds as though ICSB is attempting to increase customer service rather than bad mouth other companies.Inquiring into ICSB they have an outstanding reputation with the people we have spoken with.


Well, We are new to this thread, but are in receipt of a new rumor.We are going to explain here what is going around.

Chuck Murray is now using Rottweiler club members to have rumors spread. I even heard a rumor that you should spread your frozen semen between ICSB and CBC. What? So ICSB is so horrible that you should leave half there and spread half to Chuck Murray.

WOW! Is this a play to make money by Chuck or what? When does it end. Why would the only safe place be CBC?

Why not just have it removed from ICSB to anywhere? We were in attendance at a dog show this weekend and heard Chuck Murray spreading these things and yet ICSB was still extremely busy. Chuck was not. It is obvious that intelligence is winning out over rumor.

This is our reason for writing here, it is nice to see people using their heads.

We agree with some of the other responses here in that why is the AKC not stopping Chuck from judging when he is constantly being unethical?Curious to us....


We have just come across this site and would like to add our poor experience with coolbredcanine and it's owner chuck murray.We were attending a dog a show and went to have semen collected and frozen on our boy.

coolbredcanine was there and we assumed that he was ICSB because we were used to seeing him with Barbara Binder and Carrol Platz. At no point did chuck murray let us know that he was not affiliated with ICSB or that his employment was terminated from them years back. We are now stuck with coolbredcanine and are finding that many Veterinary clinics will not use semen frozen by him or his counterpart because of poor quality control standards. Now we here he is spreading rumors that are not true and using his small influence to try and damage the reputation of other companies to further his profits.

Rumors abound in the dog show arena and we feel that having them spread by a judge is unacceptable. We are also writing to the AKC to try and get some involvement from them, how can they allow chuck murray to run a business and be a judge at dog shows?

When does poor ethical values become an issue with the AKC?Very disappointed in Chuck Murray


I would like to comment on the Coolbredcanine company.While I have known the CA center gal a long time, because of the slanderous comments made by the owner of this company against other people I am withdrawing my precious boy.

I will move it to someone who has at least a little integrity. Why must every word from the mouth of this man be negative? Leads you to wonder if honesty even resides in him anywhere.

I am sorry that I feel this is a must, but CBC is not someone I think I can trust anymore.There is just to much rumor and slander coming from them.


I am again flabbergasted by the insinuation from ICSB clients beware (aka Mr.Murray) that ICSB would intentionally send incorrect semen.

Why would someone go to that conclusion from an accusation? We are with truthwisecorgis in that we will wait for the entire story to be told and not just the single sided view of a money making publication. While we love the Oregonian paper we have found many stories that are not fully told and give impressions of guilt or innocence, due to a lack of facts. We are also sure that if ICSB made a mistake in some way they would own up to it and make the situation as right as possible.

Not the expectation from CBC, I'm sure we have heard of the mix breed puppies born with no restitution given to the injured parties. We look forward to many years of continued puppy production from our stored boy with ICSB.

ICSB for us is 100% on all breedings for the last 19 years.Thanks Again for keeping our boy alive.....


Better wait for the real facts of the story your only getting one side here.Chuck murray we are sure you are writing this negative add and that you leaked this to the Oregonian.

Source confirmed today that Mr. Murray is behind this slander event. While ICSB may have some interest in this situation the story is far from proven. We will wait for all the facts before believing anything from CBC (MIXBREEDCANINE) owner Chuck murray.

We have yet to see much honesty from that company.

Good Luck ICSB all your clients have absolute faith and trust ICSB will take this matter in the most serious way it needs be.We also understand mistakes can be made and that ICSB would never intentionally cover up something like this.


Washowdogs you need to check your sources of this Rumor.There actually is a lawsuit

against ICSB from one of THEIR clients.

The Saturday, 7/17/2010, "Oregonian" Metro page B2 is very interesting. It outlines how this client spent time & money having his dog's semen collected, frozen & stored to find out that when he was ready to use it, it didn't work. Finally, after several attempts to get a *** pregnant he had some of the remaining semen checked by an outside source.

The report indicated the dog semen was DEAD, the only living semen was from a HORSE.Obviously, explaining why it didn't work.

You decide, MIX UP or COVER UP???


We would like to comment on a recent rumor started by Mr.Chuck Murray.

The involvement of ICSB-Oregon in a frozen semen intentional mix-up. The sending of horse semen in the place of dog semen. I personally have spoken with ICSB and known them for many years, and I'm absolutely positive this is just another rumor. Chuck Murray is an absolute rumor starter, and should really have no involvement in the judging of dogs.

The complete lack of trust and ethical behavior should have him banned from even attending dog shows.Everyone please ask Chuck to stop spreading rumors and trying to damage the reputation of ICSB-Oregon.


This company Coolbredcanine is a rumor mill.They start vicious rumors about other companies trying to make themselves look good.

What a weird way to drum up business. I have heard so many rumors started by Chuck it is hard to believe anything that he says. Frankly I'm getting a little tired of it. I don't usually speak out, but this is getting a little disrespectful to other people and companies.

I have known some of the other owners of these companies for over 40 years and know from personal experience that none of this fowl speak is true. It brings me to question whether chuck is even able to be honest.

Think about it before spreading it Mr.Murray.


:grin Bridgette Higgenbothem at the ICSB Grass Valley ROCKS!I have 4 stud dogs stored there and as of April 21, 2010, BOTH the surgical implants from the semen at ICSB has been proven successful.

BOTH my STANDARD POODLE GIRLS ARE EXPECTING. LOVE the ICSB service, knowledge and assistance. R. Popkin DVM is Pleasent.

Sharon at Cool Bred is Pleasent.

If you want Nice and Pleasing, buy a STANDARD POODLE.If you want EXCELLENCE, GO TO ICSB GRASS VALLEY CA.


I was very surprised to see all the negative comments about Cool Bred Canine both in Oregon and California.Through all my experiences with the California Office have been extremely satisfied with the service and responsiveness from this firm.

I have had several shipments that have had to be shipped out in less than 24 hours and they have always came through for me and made sure it happened..I cannot say enough good about Cool Bred Canine.


have nothing but poor results from this company.tried to contact owner in oregon, no response.

paid plenty to get no service. was told always available for help and have yet to see help or even an interest in helping. finally did here from guy in oregon he says not his problem i need to deal with his partner in cali.. giving up after 3 weeks of trying, going to talk with my credit card company to get refund.

good luck with these people, not helpful find another company if will regret spending your money here.


Heard the same things from my friends.


We have seen questionable ring activity from this guy also. Don't know about his company, but I won't show under him anymore and most of my friends feel the same way. Unethical


I am grateful someone has finally come out about this company.Communication is certainly not the strong point of this company.

We have dealt with the California branch and found a very unprofessional attitude as well as poor record keeping there. Constant comments about the other storage banks out there, always a negative. I don't know about International Canine Semen Bank, but have heard good things. We have stored with another company here in CA Dr.

Randy Popkin and he is fantastic.Always available for help.


I've dealt with this guy too. be very careful with this company, they are also in CA and have a terrible reputation there.

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